Haneda Airport Guide to Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND)

Parking Haneda Airport (HND)

If you need to park your car at Tokyo Haneda International Airport (HND) it offers you an Airport Parking space. Haneda Parking is very well connected with all the passenger Terminals, but make sure you choose the right Parking part which is the nearest to your airline company. The Parking is divided in 4 parts: 

Parking options


This Parking is the most convinient for the airlines companies: Japan Airlines, Japan Transocean, AirStar Flyer (To Kitakyushu Airport)


This Parking is the most convinient if you are flying with Japan Airlines or Skymark Airlines


This Parking is the most convinient if you are flying with ANA, Air Do, Sky Net Asia Airways, Star Flyer (To Fukuoka, Yamaguchi-Ube, and Kansai airports)


This Parking space is the most convenient if you fly with ANA. But it is recommended to use P1 Parking for ANA flights to Kitakyushu (jointly operated flights)

P4 can be booked in advance online. Booking in advance means you’ll have to pay an extra fee which will be proporcional with the number of hours/days you’ve booked. P4 Parking has a space with shuttered places, which offer privacy but they also cost twice as the other parking spaces (not shuttered). approximately twice as wide as standard parking spaces, making them easier To get in and out of your car. (For shuttered parking space the booking fee is 2000 Yens).

In case you can’t find a Parking space within the nearest part from your airline then you can freely use Haneda’s Shuttle’s bus. The route goes from the International Terminal 3 to the Domestic Terminal 2 and then to the Domestic Terminal 1, and starting again to the International Terminal 3. The ride to the Terminal 2 takes about 7 minutes and to the Terminal 1, 10 minutes. 

Parking Fees

Parking fees within Haneda Airport’s Parking are:

- 150 Yens/30 minutes (1,20€), up to 6 hours and 30 minutes. 2.100 Yens (17€) per 24hours.
- 300 Yens/1 hour (2,44€). 2.100 Yens (17€) for 24 hours (with a maximum of 72 hours).
- 300 Yens/1 hour (2,44€). 1.500 (12€) Yens per 24 hours for periods of more than 72 hours.
*Reservations in advance cost an extra cost of 1.400 Yens.